Botanical Watercolor Etchings by Michelle Castle


Michelle’s watercolor illustrations draw inspiration from the rich old world beauty and careful observations of 17th and 18th century botanical illustrations.

Her slow, thoughtful paintings capture the essence of a moment with the poise of a ranunculus stem, the agile float of a lingering lacewing, and the fleeting pink radiance of a summer peony.

Botanical watercolor illustration peony

Blue Cyclamen art print


What sets Michelle’s botanical watercolor illustrations apart is her unique interpretation of composition and the use of digital manipulation to achieve her artistic vision. The indigo blossoms of her “Hyacinthus Divided” incline their heads toward the center of the piece. Clusters on the top and bottom create a dynamic white space in between. It recalls an open, airy lightness one might find in a garden teeming with life. 

Pink Gladiolus art print

Her approach is a nod to the elegant and detailed illustrations that have always defined botanical illustrations. She captures the natural elegance of the flowers as they move in the breeze, lure beetle, grasshopper and bee. 

Rustic Rose Art Print


Rustic Rose is lush with its silky petals the color of pomegranate, garnet and sun - the heavy bloom bearing down on the lithe stem. She shows us a glimpse into her garden of days filled with warm morning light and her work inspires us to take a closer look at the smallest wonders.

red poppy art print

 The botanical illustrations are available as Keepsake Cards and Prints on-line here  

Michelle's illustrations are also available by commission and to license.

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