Calligraphy In the Details

It has been said that calligraphy is the closest you can get to hearing music with your eyes. Across continents, cultures and centuries calligraphers have used their mastery to elevate our earth bound words.

We take so much pleasure in showing our clients how much they mean to us, so we were delighted when our calligrapher created this elegant envelope for Connie & David. Rich gold script on a luxe envelope will be treasured and perhaps even passed on in the years ahead. A beautiful reminder that love speaks in the little ways too.

gold calligraphy no cell phone at wedding

There are many gentle and elegant ways to remind guests that your event is a special moment in time. Allow the silence of your everyday noises to be a gesture of respect and integrity. Connie & David chose to convey this request in a way that is beautiful to the eye and spirit.

Take a moment away from the distractions of your day and instead let the flowers, calligraphy and unspoken gestures of love be your music.     

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