Letterpress Suite with Custom Watercolor Map of Santa Barbara

Every map tells a story.

They are studies in time; snapshots of a neighborhood, city, country or kingdom whose characters and gestures are embodied in the roads, land and architecture.

Maps weave complex tales and capture the world for a day.

The earliest known maps are records of the night sky; our ancestors making sense of a sea of stars that seemed to glide imperceptibly across the heavens. 

wine country wedding with custom watercolor map

Maps are one of our specialties at Honey Paper and we always look forward to working with our clients to incorporate them into invitations and wedding paper details.

Jacqueline and Brad's suite was no exception, we absolutely love their finished invitation and were delighted to be a small part of their celebration. 

letterpress suite with custom map

Their wedding took place in late spring in our own beautiful wine country. Jacqueline and Brad wanted a custom map of Santa Barbara in their invitation suite.

We love the contrast of the simple white and blue letterpress invitation with the colorful and complex map. The suite pieces enhance each other and together set the tone for a unique getaway weekend.

In a beautiful final touch the bride's mother addressed the envelopes with an elegant and modern calligraphic script. 

wedding suite with custom watercolor map for Santa Barbara wedding

detail custom watercolor map of Santa Barbara

The custom map highlights the most important sites and destinations of the wedding weekend. The wedding festivities took place in downtown Santa Barbara and guests were able to easily travel from Santa Barbara north along Highway 101, California's famous coastal route to the surrounding vineyards.

The compass orients the map and includes a special nod to the couple's hometowns and current city.

custom watercolor map of Santa Barbara

custom letterpress invitation suite with watercolor map of Santa barbara

Centuries of map making have defined every nook of land and yielded the most beautiful and strange renderings. We consider ourselves lucky to be part of the long history of map making and love when our clients choose to honor their gatherings in unique and thoughtful ways.

Maps offer a point of reference when looking back at time spent together and the characteristics that make a place one’s own - if only for a day.

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