Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Honey Paper is excited to announce our first workshop, Modern Calligraphy, with Sophia Loves Letters. Our workshops are taught in an intimate and creative setting. Each class is carefully selected and taught in small groups of no more than twelve. All supplies are included and refreshments are provided. Modern Calligraphy will be a special treat and will be held on March 20th, 2016, from 10-12:30.
Workshop Space in Honey Paper
Join Sophia Uretz, from Sophia Loves Letters, for an introduction to modern calligraphy. This beginner’s workshop will introduce you to the tools and techniques involved in modern pointed pen calligraphy. Students will begin with basic strokes and complete a full alphabet. Students will also get an introduction to the advanced technique of watercolor calligraphy. By the end of the class, students will have created beautiful notecards to take home.
Sophia Loves Letters
The workshop includes:
2 1/2 hours of hands on instruction
1 pen holder
2 nibs
1 pot of black ink
1 instructional alphabet with tracing & practice sheets
1 extra surprise from Sophia!
Light refreshments
Limited to 12 students

Stay tuned for our Print Making Workshop in April!

Information on Honey Paper workshops here.

Take a peak at Sophia's beautiful work: Fabriano Wreath Watercolor by Sophia Loves LettersEnvelope with green calligraphy by Sophia Loves Letters for Honey Paper

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