We are excited to announce that our new space will allow us to showcase the work of talented artists. Our first artist exhibit will feature Karen Gearhart-Jensen and her botanical portrait photographs from the series Paper, Plants, Sun from February 8th - April 8th, 2016. Fuchsia-Humble-Love750 FUCHSIA – Humble Love | Summer 2014

Karen is drawn to the elegance of nature. Her focus is to create a visual connection with nature that inspires contemplation, and fosters restoration. Karen's art will fill our space communicating love, passion, and the beauty of the world around us. 

Quince-Temptation750 QUINCE – Temptation | Spring 2014

Paper, Plant, Sun is a collection of botanical portraits created by the co-mingling of those three elements. Plants are composed and photographed gently interacting with textured Japanese paper in the natural sunlight. Each ethereal and calming portrait is an abstraction influenced by the intensity of the sun, the surface of the paper, the shape of a leaf, and the delicate transparency of a petal. 

Lilac-First-Emotions-of-Love750LILAC – First Emotions of Love | Spring 2014

The selection of framed photographs were inspired by the Victorian Era use of flowers as a symbolic message, sometimes referred to as the Language of Flowers, or floriography. Floral dictionaries were created in the early 1800’s in Europe and later popularized in America. 

Karen is fascinated with the notion of a cryptic message, loving or treacherous, passed from one person to another through a flower. You can view and purchase Karen's work here. 
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