Honey Paper Greeting Cards Inspired by The Grimani Breviary

I have always been captivated by the Grimani Breviary Illuminated Manuscripts. My parents had reproductions of manuscripts in our home and I remember looking at them in amazement as a child and later seeing some in person at The Getty Villa in Malibu. Having always wanted to use images from manuscripts in my artwork I realized the beauty of my surroundings is a perfect fit for my new illustrated greeting cards.
Grimani Breviary

Grimani Breviary Honey Paper Manuscript Greeting Cards Honey Paper Manuscript Greeting Cards 5HPCards_ManuscriptLosAlamos750Los Olivos Greeting Cards The Grimani Breviary is named after Domenico Grimaldi, Cardinal of Venice who purchased it in A.D. 1520 for 500 golden ducats. It took five years to complete and contains 831 pages with 110 illuminated gold leaf manuscripts. The text is an abridged, condensed version of several books used for liturgical prayers. The extensive text of the individual prayers reflects the Franciscan version of 1477, which is why this Book of Hours was referred to as a "Breviary." In the Middle Ages a breviary was an illuminated manuscript of daily devotions commissioned by the wealthiest and most powerful. Several illuminators that contributed to the decoration of the manuscript were influenced by Flemish masters of illumination, Bruges and Ghent. Gerard Horenbout illuminated the calendar. The original Grimani Breviary is safely housed in the Biblioteca Marciana in Venice.


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