Typewriter Bar

There is something truly special about slowing down. The season of summer somehow embodies a season of running- children running, watermelon running down the chin, running to the next exciting adventure. And while these are all truly wonderful things, there is something glorious to be found in things that force you to slow down. We just added a typewriter bar to the shop. TypewriterBarOverhead750We currently have two refurbished vintage typewriters available for people to sit, type a letter, and slow down. Our bar currently holds a 1929 Corona and a 1941 Royal "Companion". These refurbished beauties are for sale, and come with their original cases. Our shop, and our typewriters, offer a quiet, intimate space that is off the beaten path. As we have watched people type notes and letters to loved ones, or simply record memories of their day, with the typewriters (and used them ourselves), we have noted that these typewriters offer something unique. They require a change of pace. I think that is why Tom Robbins writes, "At the typewriter you find out who you are." CoronaCloseUp750 RoyalCloseUp750 Typing750 TypewriterLaurenNote750

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