Watercolor Stationery for a Santa Barbara Wedding

watercolor wedding invitation for Santa Barbara wedding

Sarah and Jeff's October wedding took place at a private estate in the foothills of Santa Barbara surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains. This stretch of California's coastline is known for its grand bluffs that rise from narrow beaches. Walking along the shore your eyes meet a luminous horizon that seems spun from ruby, shell and honey. 

stationery suite for Santa Barbara wedding

Sarah's wedding vision came to life as each element fell into place through the work of an amazing group of wedding professionals. Sarah wanted her stationery to be unique and recall the beautiful landscape of her wedding day. By incorporating one of her aunt's gorgeous watercolor paintings into the stationery she enhanced the meaning and significance of the celebration for her loved ones. 

The graceful painting conveys a radiant California sunset over quiet waters. Amethyst, garnet and coral swirl, glide and slip over a trace of turquoise sea like a box of resplendent scarves thrown open and offered to the tide.

Incorporating original art into wedding stationery, especially a loved one's work, is always a beautiful and unexpected tribute. watercolor stationery for Santa Barbara wedding

The main invitation is vertical with the painting's horizon situated just above center. We paired a clean san serif font with a loose, wispy script using an earthy stone blue ink that matches the watercolor's cord of ocean blue. The text ripples down the bright white paper like dark pebbles on sand. The smoky gray envelope is reminiscent of local shale and serves to ground the airy suite. 

We printed everything in-house on artisan quality 100% cotton paper.  wedding dinner menu for Santa Barbara celebration

The enclosures and dinner menu repeat the upper portion of the watercolor painting. Crystalline blue is barely visible through brilliant salt white clouds with pinks and purples blooming from the edges like mountain lupine and milk vetch. 

Guests enjoyed dinner with a view of the Pacific and Santa Ynez Mountains as twilight painted the day with its inky brush and the colors of the sky faded into a perfect memory.  

dinner menu for santa barbara wedding by Honey Paper

The celebration was planned beautifully and executed seamlessly by Wild Heart Events. Kyle London Photography took the gorgeous photos. Stunning floral design by Nina at Coco Rose Design. Omni Catering provided the sumptuous food. Town and Country provided the perfect rentals.  

another stationery collaboration

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