Honey Paper's Silhouette Greeting Card Series

Honey Paper champagne silhouette greeting card

The elegant and simple silhouette has long played a role in both art and craft throughout human history. Artists and craftsmen alike have interpreted and reinvented variations on the basic premise of capturing the essence of an object or an individual using only an outline.

Buffalo silhouette greeting card by Honey Paper

Silhouette greeting cards by Honey Paper

Happy Birthday hot air balloon silhouette birthday card by Honey Paper

Michelle Castle, owner of Honey Paper, has created a unique line of greeting cards that play on the simple silhouette. Using marbled and patterned designs she has transformed the cowboy and bull at the rodeo, a vintage telephone, a sailboat, and a horse into an elegant keepsake card.

Honey Paper silhouette greeting card with birthday cake

Silhouette greeting card with grapes by Honey Paper

Each card is 4” x 6” and printed on artisan quality deckled edge paper. Available exclusively at Honey Paper. 

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A window into Honey paper

Honey Paper is devoted to excellence and elegance in design and beautiful bespoke goods. Our enthusiasm for quality, style and creativity can be seen in the level of thought, care and craftsmanship in every detail of our work. On our blog we enjoy sharing stories about our community, events, process and current projects. We would love to hear what you think! Say hello at hello@honey-paper.com.

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