Pen Pal Resources

Master Boddington's Secret Society of Letter Writers

We are lucky to have Mr. Boddington's studio here to honor ad protect the hand-written letter. Their Pen Pal program goes above and beyond. Not only do they find you a pen pal based on your age and interests, they keep you engaged with letters and projects throughout the year. 

My children, at age 8, writing their pen pals in Canada and Brooklyn.


Master Boddington welcomes boys and girls from Brooklyn to Tokyo to Moscow to Buenos Aires to join a Secret Society to honor and protect the hand-written letter. Members will receive periodic post from the headquarters regarding important news, secret messages, letter writing projects, pen pals and the club’s annual Who’s Who.

The club is absolutely free and solely exists for the amusement of children who love to write.  Click here for all the bits and pieces of information.

At The Giving Ink, we have wonderful writing tools and stationery by Mr. Boddingtons in our shop and on-line that with inspire writers young and old. Shop here.